Coordinate Snap! Saturday, March 6th - Sleeping Beauty!

On Saturday evening we went to Drag Queen Bingo for the first time in MONTHS! I've missed it so...and they missed us! It was very encouraging to be welcomed back again with such excitement! Unfortunately there were only two of us dressed up this time, but they were still happy to see us.

I just bought this dress recently (of course, as it just came out), and I'm so glad I did! I don't own many of the "big ticket" items in the lolita world, preferring in general solid colors and fun pieces I can coordinate in many ways to really make them my own. Something like this is more challenging to coordinate in a way that somehow stands out from the norm. But it is so very gorgeous, and I love it very much. I can only hope I pulled it off half as well as it deserves!

Outfit rundown:
jumperskirt, bow: Alice and the Pirates
blouse, shoes: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
socks: Innocent World
ring and bracelet made by LJ user chiyu_hime ♥

Earlier in the day I wore a very casual outfit just to get some errands run.

I love this silly panda hoodie to death! Heart E is so funky, with definite emphasis on the FUN! :D

Outfit rundown:
skirt: Angelic Pretty
panda hoodie, hairbow: Heart E
cutsew: Metamorphose
socks: Putumayo
shoes: Bodyline
bag: from Australia care of the lovely and wonderful escoriate! ♥ Thanks hon!! ♥♥
necklace: my mother


Caro-chan said...
March 18, 2010 at 12:51 PM

Drag Queen Bingo!? That sounds like the best possible way to spend the evening.

I looove that second outfit! It's just too cute!

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