Alice in Wonderland Japan Premiere, through the eyes of Yuka and Sachi

And now for something different! Today I bring you a translation of 6 blog entries from the blogs of Yuka and Sachi, our beloved Kokusyoku Sumire! The Japan Premiere showing of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was Monday, March 22 (official road show opens 4/17, for all my Japan readers...if there are any of you out there!), at the Ebisu Garden Place in Tokyo. For the special premiere, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp made the trip to Tokyo, and of course spent time with the adorable duo!

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Yuka's Blog (Tenmado Mother) #1 - Tim Festival
March 23 [Tue], 2010, 12:24 (Tokyo Time)

Director Tim Burton came to Tenmado again this year.

He brought us his recently published artbook (it's so big and heavy!) as a present!
Tim was so sweet and kind to us, since he knew we were tired from recording.

And my English was very useful.
I was so glad that I had studied English!

We played our brand new song and "All Grown Up Alice"
When he found out we were making an Alice album for him, he was very happy.

It will be out in May, so we promised we'd send him a copy, and then watched him walk away and disappear into Golden Town!

Yuka's Blog (Tenmado Mother) #2 - "Alice in Wonderland" Japan Premiere
March 23 [Tue], 2010, 12:36 (Tokyo Time)

We went~~!
Oh, how we've waited for this day..

Kokusyoku Sumire wore "Queen Alice" dresses made for us by dolce piu amabile so that Tim and Johnny Depp could see us from where they were giving greetings on stage.☆

He said, "Every time I come to Japan it is special, and you always greet me so warmly. Thank you."☆
We waved our arms a lot, but I don't know if he saw us?

We don't really even have to say it, but Alice in Wonderland was great!

The 3D effects were amazing. ☆
We could enter into the screen, and the colors were beautiful. ☆

It was really a Wonderland. ☆

Danny Elfman's music was also wonderful~~♥

Yuka's Blog (Tenmado Mother) #3 - Tim & Johnny Depp Festival!!!
March 23 [Tue], 2010, 12:50 (Tokyo Time)

I've finally met him...!
Johnny Depp-sama!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like I'm still dreaming...........

And that's not all........
Tim introduced Johnny, and he said "I want to hear your music." "Aren't you going to play today?".....

So we did!!!!!!!!
Johnny-sama was enchanted (probably..)

But you know, we were in a place without any piano, and Sachi didn't have her violin with her!
So there's no way we could do it, so we said "We'll go get our instruments, so could you wait?" and they replied "Of course we will wait!", and they actually waiting for us!

How kind they are!!!
Johnny was so very nice and such a gentleman.
It's no wonder he is beloved all over the world.

After all, Tim is also so nice and a true gentleman, and of course we become friends with those like us~.
Everyone around Tim is so nice and they are all good people.

And not only that, but after Kokusyoku Sumire's performance, Tim and Johnny had some DJ time!

It's too much of a Wonderland..........

Yuka's Blog (Tenmado Mother) #4 - Tim & Johnny Depp Festival #2!!!
March 23 [Tue], 2010, 13:05 (Tokyo Time)

They also looked at the CD jacket for our brand new Kokusyoku Sumire Alice album (by Adachi Kakoujyo)!!
Tim was very excited and said "my beloved mushrooms and Cheshire Cat!" ♥
I'm so glad we could show him~~~~☆

When we showed Johnny, he said, "How wonderful!!! When will it be out? Please send one to me as well!" !!!!!

Aaah, Wonderland........

Tim's friend and manager Derek!!
Thank you so much for everything always. What a sweet and lively nice guy! I love you!

The other day in Tenmado, Tim said "It's been 5 years since we've met now, hasn't it? It's incredible." I felt such happiness in my heart!

In those 5 years, so much has happened...he showed us the filming of Alice in Wonderland in Hollywood, and we hung out when he came to Japan...

Thank you Tim♥

I just can't say any more!~~

Im still dizzy, as if still in Wonderland. (Also perhaps I'm hungover..)
Okay, now Kokusyoku Sumire will work on completing our own Alice in Wonderland!

This is my last for today!
See you later!

Sachi's Blog (Sacchan's Candy Strange Magic) #1 - Tim at Tenmado
March 23 [Tue], 2010, 17:57 (Tokyo Time)

Director Tim Burton, who was in Japan for the promotion of his new film Alice in Wonderland that will be out in April, came to Tenmado again. ♥

It's been a while since we've seen him, since we saw him in the New York studio. Whenever we meet him we get a nice warm hug ♥
We talked about the recording of Sumire's new album and about Alice (my English was all messed up, but Yuka's English conversation classes have been paying off and she could speak so well! ☆It was amazing Yuka-chin!) We drew pictures together and had a great time.♪

And...and...he listened to the new song we made for him.♪
How happy!♥
It seems Tim liked it too!♥

And Tim brought us his artbook that was sold in America!
It is very thick and we will keep it as our treasure.☆

Tim left and we promised to meet again on Monday...

Right now, Nafuu is quite popular, so Tim drew Nafuu on a Nafuu notebook we had at Tenmado! ☆ (The creator Harutamu was so happy!)

Manager Derek also likes it♥

Sachi's Blog (Sacchan's Candy Strange Magic) #2 - To Wonderland
March 23 [Tue], 2010, 19:18 (Tokyo Time)

We went to the Alice in Wonderland Premiere Screening☆

The two Sumires were in full formal gear. We wore Queen Alice dresses made by dolce piu amabile.
(We took off the crowns before the movie started so we wouldn't be in the way of the people behind us...)

This was my first time to watch a 3D movie!!!
How incredible!!!!
Yuka-chin and I couldn't help squealing!

Everything was wonderful, the images, the colors, the really was Wonderland
And all the characters were so mischievous!
And you know, we made our album without having seen the movie, but there are so many little places where it's linked that our hearts pounded!

I definitely want to go see it again when it comes out publicly.

The scene we watched them shooting in Hollywood took many hours to shoot, but was over in a minute!
I knew it took a lot of work to make something so marvelous, but I was still surprised. Tim really is amazing!

Happily Tim invited us to the party that night, so we went off in our horse and carriage...
And we were able to tell Tim how amazing it was while the enchantment was still fresh in our hearts.

And that person whom we had heard had already left!!!

Johnny Depp
This isn't a photo we took in a wax museum!
But he is as handsome as a doll
We were able to say "Nice to meet you"

And...and...Mr. Depp said he wanted to hear our performance!
In that case, we've no choice but to go get our instruments!
We made them promise not to leave until we returned, and we ran home to get our instruments.

We were able to perform in front of our beloved Tim and Depp.
There was no piano, so we performed our version of Pachelbel's Canon and "Love is a Wild Bird".
They called for an encore, so we played "Yoimachigusa"♪

It was a very happy moment.

After that, Tim and Depp started DJ-ing together and everyone danced!♪

It was the first time I've danced in so long! We did a dance in a circle and hopped about!
All the tension built up from recording went away like whoosh!

The world was starting to wake up and I was at the peak of my sleep deprivation, so I said good-bye to Tim and left behind a quite tipsy Yuka-chin and went home in my horse and carriage.

Whenever Tim came to Tenmado or to a party, he'd always ask "How much do you still have left to record? Are you tired? Make sure you eat enough." He is so kind.

Today is the final day of recording! The Engineer GO Kondo-san is putting it together wonderfully for us.
We've been working with Kondo-san for 4 albums now, and he understands our style well and works hard for us, so we trust him and are watching him finish up without any worries.
As we've been completing the songs one by one, we've been talking about what a good album it is becoming.

Look forward to it!!!

♔ ♥ ♔ ♥ ♔ ♥ ♔

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp on stage at the Japan Premiere

I had such a good time translating this one! I'm so jealous...of everyone involved! I'm jealous of Yuka and Sachi for being able to meet Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, of course - who isn't? But I'm also jealous of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp for being able to hang out with Yuka and Sacchan, who I miss badly! I wonder if they even remember me...probably not! But I remember them. I wish I'd been able to visit Tokyo on my last trip to Japan to go to Tenmado!

Regardless, I'm totally looking forward to the new CD!

Request: If anyone knows any information about "Nafuu" (ナフゥ) or "Harutamu" (はるたむ), please let me know! I don't know what Sachi is talking about here, and I can't see the picture clearly!

Yuka's blog:

Sachi's blog:


jordana said...
March 23, 2010 at 2:04 PM

how sweet and cute!

Anonymous said...
March 25, 2010 at 10:42 AM

wow thank you for this translation! Now I know that Johnny Depp and Tim Burton actually KNOW lolita!!! isn't this awesome?!

I also wish I could meet Yuka again, I just was at the tenmado café one time and meet her. she was so nice... but she also wouldn't remember me XD

Anonymous said...
March 27, 2010 at 3:47 PM

I was sure I had read about this Nafuu thing somewhere :

François says it's a character (pics in the link) created by "Haruna" - I suppose her surname's Tamu-something - a japanese accordion maker who's also a friend of Kokusyoku Sumire. It seems that they've even released a "Nafusyoku Sumire" five-tracks album... I wish I could listen to this...

Sorry about my poor english and thanks a lot for your translations! The text about Milk was very interesting.

The Osaka Koneko said...
March 29, 2010 at 7:57 PM

They are, aren't they? ♥♥

Thank you for your comment! I'd almost be surprised if anyone that involved in the subculture scene didn't, really, but it's great to see how close Tim and the girls are! :D

Oh my god, thank you!! I will look into this some more! I wish I could read French.... I love Amoretti's works. That is a great link - I really appreciate it! ♥♥

Karina Pérez said...
July 27, 2011 at 1:15 PM

Just amazing! Continue like this, and please add more photos of Alice in Wonderland, we ♥ that :)

from Peru! (South America)

P.S. My blog is it´s also amazing and wonderful!

burtonie said...
August 18, 2011 at 8:36 AM

could you please email us the bigger pic of Tim & Johnny DJing?

Tim's russian fans

The Osaka Koneko said...
August 18, 2011 at 2:58 PM

I wish I could, but this was just a translation from the original Japanese blog at, so there is no larger picture. Actually, there probably wasn't to begin with, even if you got it from Yuka, because it was almost certainly taken with a cell phone, so this is probably full size.

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