Coordinate Snap! Friday, Feb 26

Last night one of my good friends was DJing at the dance club I go to. I was feeling quite under the weather, and not really up to going, but I couldn't miss his spot, so of course I had to get all dolled up to go! Nothing like a cute outfit to distract from a sore throat. ;)

I really like this Bodyline skirt. I appreciate it because it is not a knockoff, but was an original design of someone in their design contests. While I can't pretend to be all high and mighty about not buying replicas of brand items (I do own several), I never really feel happy about wearing them, so I prefer original designs like this. I wish they would stop making replicas and concentrate on more original designs! This was one of the cutest things they've ever made, and we can all wear it without any embarrassment! ♥

Outfit rundown:
bow: Heart E
blouse, coat, socks: Metamorphose
skirt, bunny bag: Bodyline
shoes: Antenna
necklaces: Innocent World lion, pearls made by my mother ♥
ring and bracelet made by LJ user chiyu_hime ♥


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